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Hoore! Hoore! (2012)

This musical tells the story of a girl named Nurul Aiman who possesses a chubby body, less-than-desirable physical features and a naive but kind heart. Despite her looks, she is as much a lady as other girls her age. Her best friends are Lana dan Azadan, whom she has known since childhood and she lives in a backwater village with her mother Lia, her father Hairil and her grandmother Nenda Zaimah. In school, Aiman is friends with a guy named Johari, who is good-looking and smart, and who also secretly harbours feelings for Aiman. At the same time, Lana and the most popular girl in school, Rita, fancy Johari.

Duration: 93 min

Quality: Ppvrip



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at 9:24 pm

assalamu’alaikuym admin..ucapan terima kasih yang tak terhingga atas upload kan movie ni..rasa nak nangis ni minn….smoga sentiasa maju jaya…
kalau min datang melancong ke pulau di semporna sabah (bohey dulang atau mabul atau mana2 ja la) cari saya min..saya payung…

sumpah..syukur sgt2 min upload movie ni..bai


    at 10:01 pm

    Wassalam. Terima kasih banyak kerana support kami. Ada rezeki kita jumpa ya 🙂